About Us

We are a group of online entrepreneurs with countless years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Having travelled the world on many occasions, during our business ventures, we used both Travel Agents and Online Booking Services. We discovered during our many ventures, that other parties were enjoying the many commissions available for these services.

We decided to create a Travel Club offering these commissions to our own Members, with our very own Search Engine; hence the birth of TravelBugg our Members’ personal Search Engine.

Statistics show that:

  • Every year millions of people travel the world.
  • Over 3 billion people travel by plane each year.
  • More than 21 million people take cruises.
  • More than 2.5 billion people book accommodation each year.

After consulting with many long-time Marketers and Business Owners, we have simplified a Program that enables anyone to build an online income in the comfort of their own home. This opportunity is unique and does not require any experience at all.

We offer all of this for a lifetime Membership of only $65USD.

Time4Travel.Club and our TravelBugg Search Engine has partnered with some of the largest travel companies in the world, to enable our Travellers access to thousands of luxury resorts, hotels, major airlines, cruise-line and car rental agency worldwide. Plus Super Deals through our Duty Free Partners.

We have also implemented a Rewards Program for our paid Members, that enables them to profit by referring others to the Program and develop a very successful income. Everyone benefits while enjoying the pleasure and excitement offered by the Club.

Maybe you landed on this page because you wanted a little more financial freedom, or a new car or a vacation with unforgettable memories. Some may even want to retire and spend more time with their family.

Whatever your goal may be, we have a very attractive product with a matching Rewards Program that will enable you to aspire to your dreams.

Once every year Time4Travel.Club enjoys an annual gathering with Members in exotic destinations. We also make it possible for our Members to earn this annual event for free via the Rewards Program.